Since 2001, COMPACT provides its clients with its own online platform: with more than ten years of experience we offer a reliable and comprehensive solution of on-demand software platform for managing and delivering an e-learning training program. Through each customer receives immediate access to its own Learning Management System platform that is well adapted to its corporate identity and requirements in order to deliver e-learning programs to its employees. Through administrators can receive all usage reports and manage both the participants and the educational material. An important feature is the ability to support certification processes through the on-line examinations and knowledge testing mechanism which is offered by the The benefits are briefly the following:

  • Speed of implementation, since infrastructure equipment and software are readily available.
  • Lower implementation cost, zero investment in fixed assets, as no purchase equipment is necessary or specialized technical staff (IT).
  • Access from work or home, as long as there is Internet access
  • Safety & Reliability, as the system is hosted at one of the largest data centers in Greece.
  • Customized interface according to the corporate id of the client.

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