5 things you need to set up before launching your E-learning

Your employees are your most valuable assets. Their skills and knowledge are what sets your team apart. Still, no one’s perfect. And we all have gaps in knowledge. Whether it’s technological expertise, compliance know-how, it’s impossible to know everything.

These days, the best way to equip your workforce with the right level of knowledge to truly excel is through online training. It has never been more important to invest in building an e-learning culture that provides opportunities for employees to grow.

To achieve these goals, eLearning has evolved into one of the most powerful tools at your disposal. More and more, businesses are looking at eLearning solutions as a practical and cost-effective method of delivering training. Not only can it save your business time and money, it can also help to mold leaders for the future, develop talent, and ensure your current and continued success.

However, successful eLearning requires a lot of planning.  So, before launching your eLearning, there are several things that you should consider.

1. The Courses need to be mapped to the skills
When it comes to e-Learning, courses are only effective if they are properly mapped to the employee. Two of the most significant factors to consider in eLearning are the context of the employee and the content of the course. The most well developed course would be ineffective if there was no alignment between the context of the learner and the content of the course. A lack of alignment will often result in learners completing a course, only to acquire skills that they cannot use. Put bluntly, this is a huge waste of time and effort for everyone involved.

2. Assess various types of content
As we all know, content is king, so high-quality content should always be at the center of your e-Learning offering. Therefore, content needs the most investment. Your content should be as engaging as possible and tailored to the audience. You can invest in the best LMS, but if your content isn’t great, it isn’t going to engage learners and won’t deliver the results that you want. As mentioned, the impact of your content will depend on what your employees need to learn. The content that you create should cover many different learning styles and reflect your employees’ needs. Our strategic partner Being Essential can help you with the best of breed content!

3. See how others are doing it successfully
Speaking of different learning styles, some people prefer to learn by example. This makes business research a crucial component of launching any e-Learning offering. Understanding how other organizations are delivering training can have many benefits, and even help you gain an advantage over competitors. When analyzing other businesses, factors to consider include their content style, how they are delivering the course, how tailored the content is and the content structure.

Knowledge is power, so the more information you can gather about how other businesses are delivering e-Learning, the more impact your training will have upon launch. Bottom line, to create the best e-Learning offering possible, you have to first understand what other businesses are doing and how you can do it better.

4. Get more for less
We all know money makes the world go around. So, cost effectiveness will most likely be one of your primary considerations when delivering your e-Learning solution. Given this, it is important to consider all of your options. We recommend exploring how you can deliver more courses for less, by using a solution such as Compact’s. This type of product is a one stop shop that provides a constantly evolving library of course resources. Within this, you can choose courses to cover aspects of your learning and development requirements. Usually, investing in course content from multiple providers can be costly, but we can help you minimize the cost while the quality of e-Learning will remain high. You can also build your own courses and produce innovative reporting, while a single subscription will allow you to access a premium content library with the latest courses on a wide variety of topics.

5. Do a test-drive
Who doesn’t love a free trial? We sure do, so the final strategy to consider before launching your e-Learning offering is to try before you buy. This will ensure that the eLearning content not only fits in with your organization, but reflects your learners’ goals, learning styles, and individual requirements.

Built with innovative features and functionality, Compact’s e-learning platform makes it easier to deliver, track, and report on mission-critical training.

Ready to make your eLearning stand out? Let’s get started.