5 reasons why your company should have an LMS

One of the best ways to implement training across an entire company is to use a Learning Management System, that can deliver just about any type of training to employees.

Let’s explore some of the most important benefits of an online LMS.

1. Improves Learning Outcomes By Making It Easy
One of the primary benefits of an LMS is that it simplifies learning for people at all levels. An online LMS can deliver lessons to a variety of devices–anywhere, anytime. Users can access the material at their own convenience, go back and review lessons, and access content in a variety of formats. This capability allows your organization to streamline training and compliance tasks with 24/7 online access, which benefits trainees.

2. Provides a Centralized Training Platform
An LMS gives you a single, convenient place to manage and document training. You can accommodate any number of users simultaneously and ensure every hour of classroom, online, and skill assessment training is tracked. And since everyone is receiving the same material in a standardized manner, you can be assured of consistency in delivery and in your ability to evaluate results, which isn’t the case when you have various trainers delivering material in their own manner in different locations. Compact make it easy to offer a centralized and consistent way to deliver training content.

3. Enables a Blended Learning Environment
Combining online and in-person training in a blended learning model can reduce time spent in the classroom, enable self-paced comprehension, and improve knowledge retention. Pre-learning using an LMS to deliver training before field evaluations can make in-person training more meaningful and effective. An LMS makes it easy to customize your training based on your company’s needs.

Evaluation capabilities are  important to meet specific training mandates. Combine Compact’s e-learning platform with Being Essential‘s e-learning courses and get a complete learning and training management program.

4. Simple to Edit and Upgrade Content
No matter what kind of training you’re offering, it’s likely that you’ll have to make changes to the content regularly due to updates in policies, licensing or certification requirements, or compliance. Keeping up with frequent changes can be cumbersome if your agency is not operating on a centralized platform.

5. Efficient Tracking Tools
Reporting and tracking capabilities allow you to easily monitor the results of your training program and make changes when appropriate. Training managers can review everyone’s status and pinpoint who needs extra help or reminders to complete their required coursework. Let the LMS platform help keep everyone accountable and remove the burden from your training manager.

Built with innovative features and functionality, Compact’s e-learning platform makes it easier to deliver, track, and report on mission-critical training.

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