Learning portal or E-learning e-shop

We have all the basic components of a complete e-learning solution, but taking into account our 20 years and more experience in more than 100+ projects, the mix of content / courses is very important.

We all know that the basic ingredients are three:
1. Content / Lessons
2. LMS platform
3. Implementation services.

Many companies start by buying or adopting an LMS platform (which usually also has an authoring tool). Later, either the IT or the HR department prepares some digital content and  uploads it to the platform, which usually is followed by an email to the participants. Most of the times the first digital content that is being prepared is a widely used topics – for example: GDPR issues, IT security, etc.

Let us now make a comparison replacing the platform with an e-shop, with 1-2 courses instead of 1-2 products accordingly. As e-shop managers, we send an e-mail to prospective customers ( trainees) and ask them to visit the e-shop that we prepared with so much effort and money.
Because we have invested in a very good campaign with the right aesthetics, the prospective customers are excited and click on the content of the email and visit our e-shop.
What will they see there? Only 2 products, and therefore, of course they will be disappointed… If we replace the e-learning platform back in place of the e-shop, our trainees will see only 2 lessons and will be disappointed respectively.

The main lesson from the above case is that the employee (operating with the consumer logic of an e-shop) expects to have options and flexibility.

Fortunately,  it can be offered to them, if we have correctly designed an initial educational mix that contains:
– Bespoke / Custom made courses, 10%
– Off the Shelf for general skills, 90%,

with some of the above being assigned according to the development needs of each employee and based on the results of the annual evaluation and some being free to choose.
This approach succeeds in highlighting the educational portal to the first-time visitors-employees, creating the perception of fullness, while at the same time giving the company time to prepare its own educational material.

It is obvious that depending on the available resources we can develop our own content at the required pace, but the main goal is the Bespoke / Custom Made courses to reach 50% or more in the long run.

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