Transforming the Global Workforce: Unleashing AI’s Potential with Skillsoft

The relentless march of technology, particularly Generative AI (GenAI), is reshaping the professional landscape. Research from OpenAI and the University of Pennsylvania suggests that a staggering 80% of jobs will undergo some form of change due to Generative AI.

Navigating this shift requires a strategic approach to skills development. This blog explores how Skillsoft, a pioneer in enterprise-wide skills transformation, leverages AI to empower organizations for success in the age of Generative AI.

The Challenge of Skills Gaps

As the skills required for success rapidly evolve, businesses grapple with the challenge of ensuring their workforce stays ahead. Recognizing that hiring alone won’t bridge the gap, organizations are turning to skills transformation. This holistic approach addresses three crucial dimensions: technology, leadership, and risk.

Skillsoft’s Comprehensive Role in Skills Transformation:

1. Technology Leadership:  

– Technical Skills Empowerment: Skillsoft ensures that staff possesses the technical prowess to fully utilize new AI tools.

– Leadership Alignment: Leaders are equipped with the understanding needed to guide their teams through changes while maintaining focus on the organizational vision.

– Risk Awareness: Skillsoft ensures that every worker comprehends the new risks associated with security, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and other domains. 

2. Skillsoft’s AI-Focused Solutions:

– Transformative Skilling Platform: Skillsoft incorporates AI into its transformative skilling platform, providing an unparalleled learning experience for individuals globally.

– Personalization Excellence: Recognized by the Business Intelligence Group’s 2023 Artificial Intelligence Excellence Awards, Skillsoft excels in personalizing learning experiences. 

3. The Value Skillsoft Delivers: 

– Enterprise Skill Visibility and Tracking: Skillsoft offers clients a complete picture of their organization’s skills, leveraging Skill Benchmarks to assess, fortify, index, and track in-house skills.

– End-to-End Learning Solutions: Skillsoft’s learning program inspires, motivates, and engages learners through a variety of modalities, including Coaching, ILT, Interactive Coding, Labs, Videos, Books, and more.  

– Rapid Skill Gap Closure: Skillsoft accelerates skill development through personalized skilling journeys, revealing recommendations to close skill gaps and improve proficiency. 

4. Advanced Technical Upskilling for Non-Technical Learners:  

– Generative AI Cloud Odyssey. A comprehensive journey exploring cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, and GCP) designed for non-technical learners.  

– AI-Powered DevOps: Understanding the integration of AI-powered APIs and tools within the DevOps landscape.  

– Security with GenAI: Exploring the application of Generative AI tools in enhancing cybersecurity measures.  

– Introduction and Overview: A foundational course introducing non-technical learners to Generative AI.  

– Image Generation: Delving into the fascinating world of image generation using Generative AI.  

– No/Low-Code Machine Learning: Demystifying machine learning with a focus on no/low-code solutions.  

– Prompt Engineering: Empowering non-technical learners with foundational programming concepts using Generative AI.  

– Ethical Hacking: Exploring the ethical aspects of hacking through prompt engineering.


– Collective Support Model: Skillsoft’s collective support model guarantees content, technology, and support tailored to your program’s unique needs.  

– Tailored Onboarding: Onboarding and implementation experiences are designed to meet specific objectives and drive adoption.  

– Consulting and Services: Organizations can augment specific needs and address gaps with  consulting and instructional design services.

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