Custom-Made E-Learning Courses: Tailored Excellence

Unlock Your Organization's Unique Learning Journey

At COMPACT, we recognize that each organization possesses distinctive learning requisites. That’s why we offer specially crafted e-learning courses and bespoke training content, designed to cater to your company’s precise needs. Our tailor-made solutions ensure that you receive precisely what you need, when you need it.

Tailored Learning for Targeted Results

Our custom-made courses cater to a diverse audience, including companies and organizations seeking specialized training in subjects for which ready-made courses are not readily available. This bespoke approach allows you to provide training that aligns perfectly with your unique objectives.

Seamless Integration, Exceptional Flexibility

Our training programs are incredibly user-friendly, requiring no software installation. They are compatible with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, utilizing HTML5 technology to minimize bandwidth usage. These courses can be seamlessly integrated into any Learning Management System (LMS) or hosted on COMPACT’s infrastructure, supporting the SCORM protocol to track trainee progress.

Rich and Relevant Content

Our custom courses cover a wide range of topics, including company products and services, onboarding for new employees, employee manuals, procedures, policies, compliance with regulations, health and safety, and more. With over 200 courses, 10,000 content pages, and 1,000 training hours developed, COMPACT is your trusted partner for knowledge delivery.

Expertise Meets Efficiency

COMPACT employs a specialized and streamlined development methodology honed through years of experience. This approach ensures that our custom e-learning courses are not only highly effective in teaching but also feature modern, responsive user interfaces, interactivity, and competitive pricing.

Empower Your Control

Our courses are delivered in an open-source format, granting you the flexibility to modify them in the future. You can make updates using COMPACT’s authoring tool or your HTML5 editor, putting you in control of your learning content.

Your Journey Begins Here

Discover the power of personalized learning with COMPACT’s custom-made e-learning courses. Empower your workforce with content tailored to your unique needs. Drive efficiency, compliance, and excellence within your organization.
Contact us today to discuss your custom e-learning needs and embark on a learning journey like no other.