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Off the Shelf Courses

Your strategic partner in e-learning

Off the Shelf Courses: high-quality e-learning courses

Your strategic partner in e-learning

COMPACT offers high-quality, off the shelf courses e-learning courses. Courses can work with any platform that supports the International Standards for Content Development. They are designed with a methodology that combines e-learning with classroom training (Blended Learning).

The Blended Learning method has so far been the most effective method of adult training worldwide. It combines the advantages of e-learning with those of workshops taking place in a classroom.

Therefore, the Blended Learning method:

  • is cost-effective
  • covers different learning styles
  • provides the flexibility and convenience of an online course while retaining the benefits of face-to-face experience

Continuous developments and changes in the highly demanding banking sector have created the need for executives and employees who will be able to carry out multiple tasks by combining financial, marketing and sales as well as strategic knowledge. It is now generally accepted that properly trained staff can be a lever to develop and shape a competitive advantage, enhance the expansion of banking efforts in new markets, and improve quality and speed in customer service.

In this context, COMPACT introduced a new alternative corporate training model that can provide meaningful, flexible and personalized learning.

The COMPACT e-learning library on Banking contains tracks especially designed to address and cover the cognitive needs of both newly recruited and more experienced employees if there is a need to train them on subjects that either they want to learn more about, or they are not adequately familiar with. The content of these Banking courses covers over 90% of the knowledge that a bank officer should have.

Through the Asynchronous Learning Platform (Moodle LMS) and e-learning courses, the access to all training material is extremely easy; an internet connection via computer or smart phone is all that is needed.

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