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Health & Safety

Work accidents and risk management

Health & Safety

Courses on hygiene and safety at work

In the e-learning course on Health & Safety, issues such as computer work and RSI syndrome, carpal tunnel and other diseases are reviewed. Protection during the use of a computer and relevant exercises are presented.

Finally, best practices in work organization, ergonomics and workplace safety marking are analyzed.

Knowledge-based goals

  • Knowledge of procedures to perform work tasks in a healthy and safe manner.
  • Knowledge of Emergency Procedures.
  • Knowledge of the institutional framework of the IT professions and ways of seeking information in the relevant legislative and regulatory bodies, such as ELOT, ISO, etc.

Behavior goals

  • Adaptation to hygiene and safety at work

Structure of the course

The course is structured in the following chapters:

  • Work with PC – Musculoskeletal disorders – Ergonomics
  • Protection during computer use, exercises for PC users
  • Work organization, Ergonomics and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Labeling in Workspaces
  • Occupational health and safety risks
  • Prevention of occupational diseases

The course includes a comprehensive self evaluation test to assist the trainee in mastering the course content.