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Cloud based e-learning platform on demand!

Through e-learning.gr, your employees have access to the e-learning courses, as well as material related to the training program (eg. resources, comprehension tests, etc.) for an annual subscription fee.

e-learning.gr is the perfect solution for businesses that want instant deployment of their e-learning content and fast implementation of their training program. Our robust solution can support multiple languages and any kind of organization structure.


  • 24 x7 access from anywhere, provided an Internet connection is available
  • Security and Reliability, as our infrastructure is hosted in Greece in SYNAPSECOM
  • Eliminate security issues as the infrastructure is not connected to your company’s network
  • No need for maintenance and management of the system your IT department
  • No need to invest in equipment or software

Furthermore, COMPACT provides technical, consulting support and managed services (if needed) throughout the preparation, implementation and completion of your training programs. More specifically:

  • Customize e-learning.gr according to the company’s functional requirements, as these will be reflected in the Functional Specifications document, (user access levels, enrollment workflow, creating e-mail templates, reports selection)
  • Sign up of users and assignment of courses
  • Importing additional material (e.g., uploading doc, pdf, and ppt files)
  • Ability to manage beyond the original user group (enable / disable other user groups), as the licenses are not personal
  • Creating evaluations and training progress reports
  • Helpdesk – support and resolve technical issues that may arise; including any form of communication (telephone, email, on-site visit)