Our Visionary Team Leading Compact's Success

At Compact, our team of dedicated professionals is the cornerstone of our success. With diverse expertise across various industries, we bring innovative solutions and unparalleled service to each project. Our collaborative approach fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth, ensuring that we meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Committed to our core values of integrity, excellence, and customer satisfaction, our talented team members drive our company forward, making Compact a leader in the industry.


Managing Director

Meet our adventurous Managing Director, Kostas! With a visionary approach, he excels in business development, project management, and digital literacy, making him a true master in his field. Kostas’s brilliance is evident in his groundbreaking ventures, Being Essential and Compact, where he has revolutionized training services and pioneered e-learning solutions in Greece. Previously, he demonstrated his exceptional leadership skills as he oversaw operations and fostered global partnerships at Talentia Software Hellas. When he’s not conquering the business world, you’ll find Kostas indulging in his passions for watersports, biking, avidly playing table tennis, and even mastering the art of pizza making. Prepare to be inspired by his innovative spirit and zest for life!



Say hello to our remarkable partner and visionary leader Christina! With her exceptional leadership, Compact has conquered the corporate learning realm,  emerging as the unrivaled industry leader. Equipped with a degree in Robotics , Christina effortlessly combines her technical prowess with unparalleled business acumen. When she’s not revolutionizing the learning landscape, you’ll find Christina immersing herself in the depths of success through year-round swimming, conquering new challenges with each stroke. Off the clock, she indulges her palate with tantalizing Italian cuisine. Brace yourself for Christina’s relentless drive, innovative mindset, and an insatiable appetite for excellence that propels our team to new heights.


Digital HR Specialis

Meet Leonidas: The Maestro of Digital HR. Step into the symphony of innovation and efficiency with Leonidas, our extraordinary Digital HR Specialist! Leonidas orchestrates the harmonious blend of technology and human resources, ensuring that every digital note strikes the right chord. With a passion for creating seamless HR solutions, Leonidas is the virtuoso who transforms the digital landscape of our organization. Leonidas isn’t just a digital wizard; he’s also a musical maestro. Fluent in playing a multitude of musical instruments, Leonidas can literally be a one-man band! Whether it’s strumming the guitar, tickling the ivories, or setting the beat on the drums, his musical talents are as diverse as his HR skills. Like a conductor leading an orchestra, Leonidas brings different elements together to create a masterpiece. 


E-Learning Specialist

Say hello to Nikos, our dedicated eLearning Specialist! With his expertise in designing and developing training programs, Nikos brings a technical edge to our team. With a strong background in eLearning solutions, he effortlessly combines technology and instructional design, creating seamless and engaging learning experiences. Nikos also offers valuable consulting services to optimize the learning journey. With a background in Mathematics, he brings a unique analytical perspective to his work. When Nikos isn’t conquering the world of eLearning, you’ll find him scaling new heights through rock climbing and enjoying the timeless tunes of classic rock. Get ready to elevate your learning experience with Nikos’ technical expertise, creative solutions, and a rockin’ passion for excellence!


Creative Director

Meet our creative powerhouse, Ahmed! As a dynamic and innovative UI/UX designer, Ahmed excels in crafting seamless software interfaces in both 2D and 3D environments, expertly catering to Arabic and English users. His meticulous attention to screen navigation and aesthetics ensures that every interactive software he designs offers an optimal user experience. Ahmed’s expertise shines in conceptualizing and implementing cohesive user journey frameworks for business webpages and products, always prioritizing intuitive interactions. His portfolio includes comprehensive marketing collateral designs such as brochures, advertisements, flyers, website layouts, mobile application UIs, and complex system interfaces like Banking ATMs.  With a diligent approach, Ahmed reviews all marketing initiatives to maintain consistency and deliver a seamless brand experience. His experience in developing Brand Guidelines upholds brand integrity, ensuring every project aligns with the company’s vision. When he’s not revolutionizing the digital design landscape, you’ll find Ahmed immersed in creative projects, pushing the boundaries of design. Prepare to be captivated by his innovative spirit and dedication to excellence!