Skillsoft's Comprehensive IT E-Learning Courses featuring Codeacademy

Unlocking the Power of Technology Learning

Discover a world of limitless possibilities in IT with Skillsoft’s expansive array of IT e-learning courses and Codecademy’s interactive coding courses and skill-building paths for various levels, from beginners to advanced learners. Whether you’re looking to advance your career, prepare for industry certifications, or stay ahead of the tech curve, our comprehensive training courses have you covered.

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The Solution

Our IT training courses encompass:

Thousands of Courses

Explore a vast selection of courses spanning numerous subjects.

Industry Experts

Learn from top experts from renowned institutions like Microsoft, MIT, and Codeacademy.

Hands-On Practice Labs

Hone your skills with hands-on labs for practical experience.

Live & Virtual Bootcamps

Participate in live and virtual bootcamps led by industry professionals.

Role-Based Learning Tracks

Follow curated learning tracks tailored to specific roles.

Aspire Journeys

Embark on guided learning paths designed to achieve your career aspirations.

Certification Prep Tests

Prepare for over 100 industry certifications with our comprehensive prep tests.

Live Mentorship

Access live mentors through chat or call for personalized guidance.

Leadership & Management Training

Enhance your leadership and management skills for tech roles and beyond.

The Platform

Skillsoft Percipio LXP: The AI-driven skilling platform empowers organizations to effectively identify, measure, and bridge skill gaps. It offers personalized skilling pathways, incorporating self-paced courses, hands-on practice, virtual live online classes, and coaching, all accessible on any device, at any time. Skillsoft Percipio provides data-driven insights to match individuals with the right roles and accelerates learning with expertly curated pathways tailored to your specific demands. It personalizes the skilling experience with AI-driven recommendations, enables the earning of digital badges, and facilitates seamless integration with your existing tech infrastructure.

Skill Benchmarks

Our Skill Benchmark Assessments empower employees to acquire new skills effectively. Based on assessment results, learners receive personalized recommendations for videos, courses, practice labs, Aspire Journeys, and other content tailored to their unique improvement opportunities. Gain insights into your employees’ current skill levels, areas for improvement, and progress toward mastery.

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Benefits of Our Industry-Leading IT Training

Renewal Rate

The majority of our customers renew with us due to the exceptional quality and breadth of our content.

Simplified Administration

Streamline administration to boost staff performance efficiently.

Enhanced Learning

Complement existing training with bootcamps and labs for improved knowledge retention.

Single Solution Provider

Rely on one provider to meet your enterprise-wide needs, reducing duplicate spending.

Strategic Alignment

Easily understand and track learning trends to align with corporate strategy.

Stay Ahead in Tech

Our IT training covers a wide spectrum of tech domains, including



Data Science

Artificial Intelligence


Software Craft

Machine Learning


Scrum and more

Don't miss out on the latest in technology. Prepare for new roles, ace your certifications, and stay ahead of the curve with Skillsoft's IT training courses.

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